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Patti Allen, Nutriworks' office manager, grew up in Orange County, California and was very active in both soccer and softball from a young age all the way through high school. She has been in Texas for over 20 years and continues to remain active in a variety of sports.

In 2000, she was training to go pro in boxing and was one of only 1,000 women who had their boxing license in the United States. For the last 15 years, she has focused on cycling with distances up to 100 miles. While on a tandem, her and her partner came in 3rd for Hotter than Hell in 2003, 1st place for a 6-hour time trial, and top 2% For El Tour de Tucson. She has traveled and taken her bike to many destinations including Italy and rode Passo Stelvio (an HC climb). In 2012, she completed a Tough Mudder 12-mile course and a month later did the O.C. Half Marathon.

Patti turned to Nutriworks, Inc. as a client over 6 years ago to help with body composition and fueling properly before, during and after athletic events. Eve was able to help her solve some painful muscular issues due to fibromyalgia that would occur after cycling when doctors couldn't. The proper nutrition and timing of nutrition made a huge improvement in her recovery and on the bike performance.

She enjoys many different athletic pursuits including weight lifting, hiking, skate boarding, SUP, surfing, kayaking, yoga, swimming, roller blading, and recently mountain biking.

In her free time, her hobbies include cooking (especially taking unhealthy foods and making them healthy), traveling, the beach, music (still learning the guitar!), concerts, laughing, anything outdoors, having fun with good friends and family, and gardening-especially veggies and fresh herbs. She resides in Arlington with her 3 cats, 2 dwarf African aquatic frogs, and 12 fish.