Fourth of July is a time for celebration!  So why should you have to be worried about breaking the calorie budget?  Here are some tips to get you through the holiday without worrying!


1)  Have you ever tried grilled corn on the cob?  It's in season right now and is delicious on the grill!  With some fiber and only about 60 calories per ear, you can enjoy and feel full!  By the way, grilled veggie kabobs or grilled squash work well too, especially when cooking for others.   

2) Be active.  Pick a 5K or enjoy water sports at the lake to burn extra calories. 

3) Gazpacho is a refreshing chilled soup that can be a big hit for a first timer trying it.

4) Practicing food safety can actually help save calories too!  By putting away foods throughout the day that you and your family aren't eating at that time, you'll be less likely to snack on them AND you'll be storing them at proper temperatures.  

 5) Choose fruit-based desserts.  This saves hundreds of calories and is light and refreshing for summer holidays!

6) Stay hydrated with water!  This will save you loads of calories from alcohol, sodas and other high-calorie drinks. 


Hi sponsors.  I finished in 18th place in the Edmonton ITU World Cup last weekend.  This result moved me up to 6th rank among elites in the USA!

I'll be in Dallas the next two weeks then I leave for Europe to attend USAT's Road to Rio training camp in Spain.  I'll be racing in Palamos, Spain and Tiszaujvaros, Hungary.  My main goal will be training and preparation for the world championship race in London in September. 

Here's a link to the official broadcast of the highlights of the race:  

YouTube - Race Highlights 

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