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Colleyville Fat Loss for Life Nutrition Class
Tuesday, September 18, 2018, 06:30pm - 07:30pm
Contact 214-739-2223

Fat Loss for Life Nutrition Class

This 10-session program is designed to be encouraging, motivating and educational.  Knowledge is power right?!  Individuals interested in this course should be ready to work on behavior modification to lose 20-50 pounds.  

The investment: $349 for the complete program with materials.  

This program requires a minimum of 5 participants and is limited to the first 10 individuals who contact us. 

Time: 6:30 – 7:30 PM


Week 1 (May 15th) – What Should I Weigh?

This is the beginning of any fitness program.  There has to be a measurable and attainable goal set (or several.)  All measurements will be taken (weight, body fat composition, BMI, and circumference) to ensure weekly change.  We encourage participants to have blood work and blood pressure taken prior to the start of the program.  Let the food journaling begin!


Week 2 (May 29th) – What Should I Eat?

Energy needs are established.  All individuals are different and it’s important to understand our differences.  This is where the foundation of your nutrition plan begins.


Week 3 (June 12th) – Exercise is a Must!

It provides so many positives.  You will learn what the minimum and maximum amount of time you should be exercising each week as well as different forms of exercise that might be a fun and exciting addition.


Week 4 (June 26th) – Can I Eat at Restaurants?

Who doesn’t need to know they can eat at a restaurant?!


Week 5 (July 10th) – Challenge Proofing

It’s no secret…You’re going to have challenges!  We will all share our challenges and Eve will share other challenges you may be up against in the future.  Then, you’re armed!


Week 6 (July 24th) – Ahhhhhhhh! Stress Management 

Stress can make or break your success patterns in life.  Are you a stress or emotional eater?  Even if you’re not, you’ll learn easy ways you can face stress when it comes. (Measurements are taken again)           


Week 7 (August 7th) – Navigating the Aisle (At the Store)

Guidelines for stepping foot in the grocery store, label reading, organic vs. non-organic, the 80/20 rule are just a few of the topics covered here.  (At the store) 


Week 8 (August 21st) – Little Things are Important!

Although macronutrients get most of the attention when trying to lose fat, the extremely important micronutrients are part of every little cycle that takes place in your body.  They are also the part of food that help slow aging and keep you healthy while you’re young! 


Week 9 (September 4th) – Healthy Gourmet

Now that you know how you should be eating for life, you have to know how to pick and choose recipes as well as prepare them. 


Week 10 (September 18th) – It’s a Vision and a Party!

Now that you are getting much closer to your goal than ever before, you have to continue setting news one to keep nutrition and fitness fun and exercising.  Case and point: The average employee changes CAREERS at least 4 times now.  We get bored easily so it’s important to keep nutrition interesting.  The class will get together for a potluck dinner on this evening for final measurements.





This program will be led by Eve Pearson, MBA, RDN, LD. Eve is a nationally recognized, award-winning Sports Dietitian. With over 10 years experience in private practice nutrition counseling, she wants to bring her knowledge into the group setting to facilitate the accountability component of changing behavior. Join us for a fun and productive program! 

Location Colleyville, TX

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