Nutriworks, Inc. began in 2004 because there was a vast need for individuals to learn how to use nutrition for performance. Eve Pearson, owner, was a personal trainer and triathlete at the time. She realized many of her clients and fellow competitors would be so much more successful with their fitness and performance goals if they were educated on how to use nutrition. Concept: Eat to Train rather than Train to Eat. There is so much misinformation out there and Eve wanted to make sure everyone she came into contact with knew about evidence-based nutrition practice.

This is the main reason Nutriworks, Inc. began. After helping thousands of athletes and individuals reach their potential, Nutriworks, Inc. started adding Sports Nutritionists to the team with hopes of expanding to a greater market including all sports. With three office locations in the DFW Metroplex, Nutriworks can better meet local client demands and schedules. Although we're limited to "seeing" clients in the DFW Metroplex, we work with athletes from all over the country via teleconference or the web. If you ever have suggestions or comments for us we are all ears! Remember, if you work out regularly, you're an athlete too!


Who we've worked with:
  • Professional Football
    • Macho Harris
    • Michael Oher
    • Brandon Pettigrew
    • Jamarca Stanford
    • Louis Vazquez
    • Mike Wallace
  • Professional Cycling
    • Andrew Armstrong 
    • Andrew Dalheim
  • Professional Motocross
    • Thomas Brown
  • Professional Soccer
    • Kenny Cooper
    • Carlos Ruiz
    • Juan Toja
  • Professional Triathlon
    • William Huffman
    • Dave Staffeld
  • Olympic Level Swimming
    • Aaron Greene


Proud Members of: